Our association

The Group grow and expand the quality of its international reach. We do this through the already robust and extensive international networks that the leaders of the associated companies have nurtured over many years.

Through this cooperation we are able to make sure that all our clients’ needs are taken care of from start to finish. We take care of pre-trade show preparations, logistics, the trade show itself and then the post trade show support. By definition this will always affect at least two countries. It is in this support in more than one country at a time that offers us the competitive advantage and in turn gives our clients the best advantage. SAAFT GROUP is proudly working together with major International Fairs to offer robust solutions to our clients.

SAAFT GROUP is also partners with various international trade show organizers to assist with their “Buyer Programme” initiatives. We are the central contact point for the event organizer and buyers in terms of administration, logistics and communications.

We offer end-to-end service for your successful attendance due to our local knowledge.

Furthermore, we also set up meetings with potential trade partners and key stakeholders in the market where such trade shows and exhibitions are hosted.